Toilet Auger - A Different Kind Of Plumbing Snake

What is a Toilet Auger (also known as a water closet auger or just closet auger)? How is it different to a Plumbing Snake?

A toilet auger is a tool whose sole purpose is for use in lavatory fittings. How is it different to a drain auger?

A Toilet Auger Is Shorter

A Toiler Auger is shorter and stiffer than a standard plumbing snake snake. This is because most lavatory blockages occur quite close to the opening of the drain. The u-bend is quite tight and is the most common place for most material to become lodged.

It Has A Protective Sheath

A Toilet Auger is normally sheathed inside a protective rubber or plastic tube. This tube prevents the closet auger from damaging the porcelain surface of your bathroom fixture. It enables the cable to pass through the u-bend with causing scratches or other damage.

The Toilet Auger's Protective Tube Has A Bent End.

One end of the protective tube of the closet auger is bent. This mimics the shape of the drain and enables you to navigate the tight bends within most toilet drains.

Do you need one?

I would suggest it is a necessary item in any home handyman's toolkit. For a reasonably small sum, you can buy a closet auger and put it away until the next time your toilet fixture becomes blocked and the hardware store is closed.

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